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  The Pioneer, New Delhi 13-Dec-2005

Shellfish, a hope for arthritis

Staff Reporter

New Delhi

GREEN LIPPED mussel, an edible shellfish found only in New Zealand, seem to hold a cure for arthritis.

The extract of green lipped mussel, popularly known as GLME, is a safe and effective mode of treatment for arthritis and other joint pains.

According to Dr Madan, the use of GLME Capsules is very economical and effective. GLME ensures total recovery if given at the early stage of the disease.

Dr Madan says, “GLME has been in use in more than 30 countries worldwide for over 30 years and is now rapidly gaining popularity in India.”

He further added that by the age of 40, nine out of ten people have X-ray evidence of arthritic changes and joint pains.


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