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  Bombay Times (The Times of India) 25-Apr-2009

Arthritis, one of the most debilitating diseases of our time, has affected millions of people worldwide irrespective of age and gender. Nature being the most powerful healer has now given a new hope to the patients of arthritis.

According to a double-blind placebo controlled study conducted on 53 patients over 6 months in France on Gonarthritis (arthritis of the knee), the results of the trial support the effective action of Seatone (GLM extract) in subjects suffering from mild arthritis of the knee.

The study was conducted by B. Audeval and P.Bouchacourt and published in the La Gazette Medicale. The results of this trial support the effectiveness of Seatone in Arthritis of the knee because the curves representing the development of the averages of seven out of the ten assessment criteria favour this product. Because the difference between Seatone and placebo attains the threshold of statistical significance for four of these criteria which included pain assessed according to Husskinson’s scale and ARA function stage opinion of the patient on the result of the treatment effectiveness ass judged by the clinician.

Interestingly, Green Lipped Mussel (GLM) is edible shellfish commonly found off the waters of New Zealand. This edible shellfish is a major diet of New Zealand population and in the year 1947, an American research program studied the marine mollusk and discovered its natural recovery potentials for the treatment of arthritis. Since then, it has been studied and shown in clinical trials to be effective in relieving the symptoms of arthritic related conditions.

Healtheries – a New Zealand based multi-national natural healthcare company has introduced the extract of GLM in the capsule form under the brand name of Seatone. Today, Seatone is sold in over 30 countries and has benefited thousands of users worldwide. According to John Croft, a marine scientist associated with the research on GLM, “The various clinical studies have indicated the success rate of 75 per cent on Arthritis patients. Without causing any classical adverse side effects of drug therapy”

In India, the cost for this therapy of 1000mg/day comes to Rs 50 per day for first three months, which can be later reduced to 500 mg/day, that is Rs 25 per day.


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