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  Delhi Times (The Times of India) 25-Aug-2007

Sprains, strains, painful joints, torn ligaments, swollen muscles, Achilles tendons, fractures, dislocations and the dreaded metatarsal…Wasn’t sports supposed to be a great way to keep you fit and healthy? It does, but with sport, there is also the possibility of getting injuries which can lead to long-term problems and even serious conditions such as arthritis. Thus, it is essential to know how to treat them properly to maintain an active lifestyle in later life.

Natural wear-and-tear of the joints can be more pronounced in sporty people and as cartilage is worn away and not replaced by the body. This can lead to stiffness, lack of mobility and even arthritis. It has also been seen that older athletes are more liable to get injured which, in turn, can cause more serious problems when the joints are not as young and flexible as they used to be.

The long-term effects of playing sports over the years will ultimately take their toll on the joints resulting in more wear-and-tear. By keeping the joints flexible and mobile through exercise, diet and supplements, the level of deterioration can be minimized to enable the joints to function properly.

According to new scientific research, a unique shellfish found off the coast of New Zealand called green-lipped mussel (GLM), seems to contain the therapeutic agents needed to treat and prevent arthritic problems.

Since its discovery in 1947, the green-lipped mussel extract (GLME) has been subjected to many years of quality scientific research and proven in laboratory and clinical trial, to be effective in treating and preventing most types of arthritis disorders. It has also been clinically proven to hasten recovery of athletes from sports injuries and most importantly it does not have any adverse side effects.

In old people already suffering from arthritis, a dosage of 1000 mg per day for 3 months (which can be later reduced to 500 mg per day) can bring relief from pain and improvement in general mobility. In young people leading an active lifestyle, a dosage of 500 mg daily can prevent of significantly delay the onset of arthritis.

GLME, manufactured by Healtheries of New Zealand, is now available in India under the brand name Seatone at a cost of Rs 25 for 500 mg through their authorised representatives, Perma Healthcare.


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