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Frequently Asked Questions on Squalene

Squalene is a remarkable natural compound found in our bodies and is also found in nature. It belongs to a class of antioxidants called isoprenoids. Squalene is well known to re-establish cell health.

Squalene is found naturally in our bodies, however its level drops significantly with age of 25. The well known source of Squalene is Olive oil, Shark liver oil, amranth seed oil, palm oil, rice bran oil and wheat germ oil. The richest source of squalene among them is found in deep sea shark liver oil.

Health begins at the cellular level. The millions of cells combined, form a entire human body. The healtheir our cells are, the healthier we are. Squalene performs multi task to improve our health, due to its:

  • Antixoidant activity
  • Oxygen generation properties
  • Immune defence response
  • Anti cancer growth properties
  • Detoxifiying properties
  • Bad Cholesterol lowering properties

Free radicals are produced constantly within and outside the cell, some as by-products of energy-releasing oxidation others by UV light, radioactivity, intake of drugs and chemicals. Inhalation of cigarette smoke, exposure to air pollution and mental stress. Free radicals are unstable molecules with unpaired electrons, hence breaking cell membrane, destroying cell, or allowing harmful bacteria and viruses to enter easily causing immune system disorders, cell and tissue damage and eventually leads to serious diseases.
Antioxidant is a compound which neutralizes the harmful free radicals. The best antioxidant is which supplies the free radical with another electron with out suffering its own molecular disruption. Squalene is an excellent antioxidant possessing great capacity to receive or donate electrons without its own molecular disruption.

Imagine a computer at your home with an ant-virus programme installed on it. Anti-virus programme helps protect from outside digital virus, trojans, programmes which damage or disturbs the performance of your computer. Same way human immune system is a miracle of nature, a defence machanisim designed to protect us from the harmful effects of our environment and disease-producing virus, bacteria and other microbes. Without a well-developed and maintained immune system, we will suffer infections and serious life-threatening diseases. Hence optimal function of our immune system is important.

Squalene and vitamins are substances whose chemical structures and functions are completely different. To substitute one for the other is not feasible. Vitamins play a role in nutrition. Squalene, however functions in cell as antioxidant, immune enhancer, and eventually to disease prevention. You may replace the other antioixidant if any with the Squalene.

Squalin® is 99% pure natural Squalene extracted from Deep Sea Shark liver Oil, without the presence of any synthetic additives, artificial colorings or preservatives.
Scientific research and clinical trials have shown that Squalene is safe as a dietary supplement and no toxic incidents have been reported so far. Squalene has been used by the ancient times. Like Aztecs, warriors from Japan and china and even Maoris of New Zealand were known to drink shark liver oil before leaving to war to increase strength.

And after all ... there can't be anything safer then the substance which is already present in our bodies since our birth.

There are no side effects or reactions, reported, noted or documented in the use of Squalene as a dietary supplement..
People who experience fish allergies may avoid taking squalene.

Yes. Squalene can be taken along other vitamins or food supplements. Squalene is a dietary food supplement and not a drug.

Yes. Various research papers and clinical studies evaluate the beneficial effects of squalene.(click to see the list)

Advisory: This is not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of medical complaints. It is for information purposes only.


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