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Biolane® GLM Extract Omega-3 Natural Fish Oil Squalene
Biolane GLME Omega-3 Squalene
Omega- 3s Cut harmful effets of Smoking
New Delhi (Hindustan Times) 26-April-2012
Relax News
New Delhi (The Times of India ) 18-February-2012
Preethi Rahul
Fish oil may dramatically cut babies' eczema risk, study suggests
New Delhi (Times ) 02-February-2012
Lachlan Mackinnon
Eating fish reduces risk of Alzheimers five-fold
New Delhi (The Times of India) 01-Dec-2011
Omega-3: essential for cognitive health in healthy older adults. A new research
Nutrition Journal (2011, 10:117) Published: 20 October 2011
Streamline your fish intake
New Delhi (The Times of India) 06-August-2011
Pooja R Singhania, (Registered Dietician)
The Omega- 3 Connection
New Delhi (Mail Today) 10-August-2010
Malathy Iyer
Omega 3 Fatty Acids (EPA & DHA) :
HT City (Hindustan Times) 17-July-2010
Dr. K. Gopakumar | Marine Scientist
Fish oil helps kids to concentrate
U.K (The Guardian ) 30-May-2010
Denis Campbell
Thirties are the new fifties for heart disease
New Delhi (The Times of India) 25-September-2009
Malathy Iyer

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