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Toxicity & Dosage

Animal studies conducted have proved that there are no side effects or toxic signs in plasma, biochemical and hepatic functional tests (Kamimura et al., 1989).

Dosages depend on area of application, viz., for lowering cholesterol, 860 mg day-1 was given along with pravastatin without any side effects.
A dose of 900 mg day-1 was safe and had normalizing effect on lipid profile (Kelly, 1999). For cancer treatment in human beings, a dose of 2-5 g day-1 appears to be of therapeutic use.

Since most olive oil consuming populations in the world, particularly in the Mediterranean area, who consume 500-900 mg squalene day-1, have not experienced any ill effects for centuries, it can be concluded that a daily consumption of 900 mg squalene is safe and provide health benefits.

   Available research findings have shown that substantial amount of dietary squalene
    is absorbed, a major part of which is used to synthesize cholesterol. This increase is
    not associated with elevation of plasma cholesterol in humans as a result of concomitant
    faecal elimination. Hence, the theory, that increased consumption of squalene is likely to
    enhance serum cholesterol is misplaced. A dietary supplementation of 500 mg of
    squalene day-1 appears to normalize plasma cholesterol levels, LDL and HDL
    cholesterol values.

   Squalene also confers many protective benefits to patients exposed to radiation
    treatment. Squalene assists in maintaining white cell counts during radiation treatment
    of cancer patients. Besides, it also protects the skin from many ill effects of UV radiation.

   The most exciting application of squalene for human health is its use as a safe and
     naturally occurring antioxidant.


  Omega 3 Natural Fish Oil
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