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  Dr. Mankeshwar States: Biolane Extract (arthiva) Proves to be a blessing for patients  

I Dr. Mankeshwar from BANKAJUA, PO-CHORMA, SIWAN, BIHAR, have used Biolane Extract (Arthiva GLME), provided by Perma healthcare to treat arthritic conditions on my patients which are from different regions; to name few like kolkata, Bihar, Orissa, Nasik and Pune.

These patients have tried many other treatments, but they eventually came to me after losing all hope. These patients got successful results by Biolane Extract (Arthiva GLME).

Biolane Extract (Arthiva GLME), proves to be a blessing in such patients life and I could successfully treat their Arthritic conditions.

There are many patients [to name all of them, the list would be long], who were upset, however Arthiva GLME brought back the happiness of wellbeing in their lives.

My best wishes to Perma healthcare

Date : 12.03.2012
Dr. Mankeshwar Nath Singh
Village : Bankajua,
PO- Chorma, Siwan,


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