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  A lady from New Delhi indicates the joy and relief from simply being able to lead a normal life without constant pain.  

I began Osteo Arthritis about 2 and a half years back in my knees, The pain became extremely unbearable around 2007 June. It was painful to walk, climbstairs and even sleep. I was unable to cross my legs without pain.

Iwent to many orthopedic doctors who advised me that I had no option but knee replacement. The finally Dr. kohli (Geetanjali Hospital) Suggested trying physiotherapy with Dr. Natrajan. All along people recommended various cures. I saw advertisements for Biolane® GLME (Seatone) in magazines and news papers and debated over it . finally my son convinced me to try it as he had seen the advertisement in a health magazine.

I have been using Biolane® GLME (Seatone) March 2008 along with physiotherapy . I am off daily painkillers, am able to walk, cross my legs and even climb stairs without discomfort . I no longer have swelling or stiffness and feel that my recovery is atleast 75% - 80%. Most important, there is no question of surgery

Thankyou Seatone !
Yours Sincerely

Date : 10.02.2009
Mrs. Uttara Devi
New Delhi-110017


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