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  A sheep farmer's wife in New Zealand says :  

"I would like you to know that the mussel extract capsules are helping my husband who has ankylosing spondylitis of the neck, spine and hips for over 20 years. He finds considerable relief in his back and is able to drench sheep in comfort. He is 55 and his stoop had been getting worse over the years.

I thought I would let you know the benefit as you are in a position to advise others. "

Excerpts from the book "The New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel" written By Dr. John E. Croft

John Croft is a marine scientist currently researching the nutritional and therapeutic properties of substances derived from the sea - in particular those of the extract from the extraordinary green lipped mussel. The author wishes it to be understood that the information in his book relates only to the New Zealand mussel extract which has been the subject of all published research. No responsibility is accepted for any imitation products which may be claimed to be the same material.

Acknowledgement: Biolane® Green Lipped Mussel Extract from Healtheries of New Zealand.


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