Usually surgery is found to be the ultimate and final treatment for any major disorder. Same thing happens in case of arthritis disease. When all the other treatments fail to treat your condition then your doctor recommends you surgery. Some people took the advice and some fear to undergo surgeries. However different surgeries in the treatment of arthritis have different role as follows:

  • Arthroscopy: This surgery involves tiny incisions, specialized instruments and a small camera to fix the tears in soft tissues which are around the hip, knee, shoulder and other joints. This surgery also repairs the damaged cartilage and removes the free-floating, broken cartilage pieces. For this surgery people younger than 40 years of age are best candidates. This surgery generally decreases the pain and improves range of motion immediately. It may delay or remove the need for an artificial joint.
  • Joint Resurfacing: In this surgical procedure, surgeons replace only one of the three compartments of the knee with an implant. In the hip, hip socket is replaced by the surgeon with a metal cup, and the damaged hip ball is capped and reshaped with a metal. For this type of surgery older, less active patients that have arthritis in only one knee compartment is the best candidate. For hips surgery, men younger than the age of 60 years especially athletes are the best candidates. In case of the knee, this surgery can relieve pain and improve functions. In the hip, this surgery may increase the flexibility to participate in high-impact activities.
  • Osteotomy: This surgical procedure involves the cutting and removing of bone or adding of a wedge of bone near the damaged joint. Patients who are in their 30s or who are too young for total joint replacement are the best candidates for this type of surgery. This surgical procedure can stop the damage and delay the requirement for a joint replacement.
  • Synovectomy: In this surgical procedure surgeon eliminates the most of the affected synovium, either by traditional surgery, open surgery or by arthroscopy. People that have limited cartilage damage and who have not get benefit from the anti-inflammatory medications are the best candidates for this surgery. This surgery is helpful in getting relief from the pain and improves function.
  • Joint fusion: In this surgical procedure surgeons use plates, pins, rods or other hardware to join more than one bone in the wrists, ankles, spine, fingers and thumbs making one continuous joint. With time the bones grow jointly and lock the joint in place. People that have severe joint damage from the osteoarthritis or inflammatory arthritis are the best candidates for this surgery. This procedure is quite durable, and its results generally last for lifetime. After this surgery people who have weight-bearing joints fused are able to take part safely in high-impact activity.
  • Total Joint Replacement: In this surgical procedure the damaged joint is replaced with an implant which mimics the motion the natural joint. The implant is made up from the combinations of plastic, metal and ceramic components. People that have severe joint pain and who have not helped by other treatments are the best candidates for this surgery. It is safe and successful surgery that decreases pain and improves mobility and quality of life.

Well, surgeries are considered effective in cases when the joint damage is severe. But people generally refuse surgery due to its long recovery time. Well you can choose whatever you feel confortable and as per the recommendation of your doctor.