As we know that the cosmetic industry is at peak now. It is because with the change in lifestyle external nourishment has become important to keep our skin healthy, younger and moisturized. Moreover with age the constituents of our skin get reduced in levels thus to increases those reduced levels of important constituents cosmetics are required. As squalene is a crucial constituent of human sebum. But with age its levels get reduced thus we cosmetic products which contain them need to be used.

Squalene is a constituent of human sebum. Its levels in skin depend upon the age, sex and environmental factors however its average levels in skin are 8 – 25%. It provides protective barrier to the skin surface but its levels in the sebum decreases with age.

According to a research squalene is an extremely efficient oxygen-scavenging agent. Squalene is not much prone to peroxidation thus it seems to function in the skin as a singlet oxygen quencher. It protects the human skin surface from lipid peroxidation which occurs due to exposure to ultraviolet light and some other sources of oxidative damage.

The major concentrations of squalene are found in the skin and in the oils secreted by sebaceous glands. It provides a protective barrier to the skin surface. It helps the skin to maintain moisture by lubricating the skin surface. It deactivates the free radical known as singlet oxygen, which is generated by exposure to the UV radiations of sun.  All its functions make it an excellent nutritional support for the skin.

Squalene has a number of roles in the maintenance of skin as below:

  • Squalene plays a crucial role in the physiology of the skin by decreasing the degenerative effects of oxygen by protecting the lipids of the superficial epidermal layers from the peroxide formation induced by UV rays and free radicals.
  • Squalene hydrates the skin and helps the regeneration of aged or damaged skin and restores the suppleness and flexibility of skin.

Therefore it is highly crucial to get squalene as a supplement or in the cosmetic preparation to protect the skin, to avoid early aging, wrinkles and skin damage. Thus many of the cosmetic products contain squalene. When used as a constituent in the cosmetic preparations squalene provides following benefits:

  • It penetrates rapidly in the epidermis as it is an excellent emollient.
  • It has excellent dermatological compatibility with the skin and no greasy after feel after application in the skin. While formulating cosmetic creams it gives the emulsion a fine particle size.

 Thus by using squalene containing cosmetic product you can rejuvenate your health, keep it soft and nourished. They will protect you from getting wrinkled skin and will help you to keep your skin tight.