Surgeries are considered beneficial in many conditions. Generally they are advice by the doctor when all the other treatments fail to provide results and the condition of patient becomes worse. Surgeries have number of benefits along with side effects. They are opted in case of almost all the major diseases as heart, liver, kidney or joint. In joint diseases as arthritis they are much common because arthritis is generally a chronic condition that sometimes can result in disability. There are certain treatments for it and one of the treatments can be surgery. Joint surgery may provide several benefits. Joint surgery provides relief from the pain which is its most important benefit. When all the other treatments fail to provide relief from the condition then surgery may be considered. Joint surgery also helps to improve the movement and use of a joint.

Continuous inflammation and wear away of cartilage and bone can cause joints, ligaments and tendons to get damaged or pulled out of place. In such cases surgeries are recommended to replace or stabilize the joint. Improvement in the appearance of joints that have been deformed, especially those of hand, can be expected with the help of surgery.

The major benefits of surgery are:

  • Reduced pain
  • Improvement in mobility
  • Prevention of deterioration and disability

Improvement in the mobility after the surgery depends on some factors as the deterioration of the joint prior the surgery, the strength of the muscles which are surrounding the joint, and the success of the surgical procedure. However many people experience total relief from the pain once they fully recover from the surgery.

Along with certain benefits surgery has some risk factors as:

  • The probability of success: there are certain chances of failure also in case of surgical treatment.
  • Limitations: surgical treatment has its own limitations.
  • Expected recovery time: the recovery time for surgery can be long and for that you need to have patience.
  • Risk of infection: usually cases of blood infections are seen after surgery.

Joint surgery is not meant for everyone. It needs patience and the willingness to recover after the surgery. Remember arthritis can never be cured with any treatment. Treatments can only help you to ease the symptoms of arthritis. Surgical treatments should be opted after getting full knowledge about the procedure, benefits and recovery time. You should be fully prepared before undergoing surgery. You should talk to your doctor about all the aspects of surgery. Surgical treatment can be bit costly so you should ask all the questions to your doctor before choosing it.