It is always better to keep yourself away from the development of diseases. Well in the case of osteoarthritis you can prevent its occurrence by working on the modifiable risk factors responsible for it. Along with that, there are certainly other ways to prevent osteoarthritis. A number of lifestyle factors affect the risk of developing osteoarthritis. Thus by making few changes in lifestyle, osteoarthritis can be prevented:

Manage Occupational Risks

Many jobs that involve repetitive motion and use of joints can be the risk for the development of osteoarthritis. You can talk to your doctor if your job involves a lot of:

  • walking
  • kneeling
  • twisting
  • lifting

Doctor may suggest you some exercises or assistive devices to reduce the risk of injuries.


Regular exercise can be good for your joint health. You can ask your doctor about the exercise plan that can keep you away from the risk of osteoarthritis. Doing exercise that involves strength training and stretching along with aerobic exercise can be helpful for your joint health.

Maintain Normal Body Weight

Obesity and overweight are one of the major risk factors of osteoarthritis because extra weight put extra stress on joints that fasten the deterioration of joints. Overweight people carry a greater risk of developing osteoarthritis.


If you have a joint injury then let it heal by taking rest because this will also help to decrease the risk of developing osteoarthritis in the future. Taking enough rest whenever you feel overexertion or fatigue can be helpful to keep your joints safe.

Control Blood Sugar

Diabetes can increase the risk of developing osteoarthritis. Higher glucose levels fasten the formation of molecules which causes the stiffness of cartilage.

Avoid Injuries

Joint injury in the adolescent or young adult can increase the risk for developing osteoarthritis in future. Thus it is crucial to avoid joint injuries during exercise or playing sports. You can follow the below points to avoid joint injury:

  • Do warm-up exercises before playing any sport.
  • Wear appropriate footwear which offers stability and shock absorption.
  • Avoid running on concrete.
  • Land with both knees bent on jumping.
  • To avoid twisting of knees keep feet as flat as possible while stretching.
  • Perform cool down exercises after engaging in forceful sports.

All these tips can help you a lot to stay away from the risk of osteoarthritis. They can be highly helpful in the prevention of osteoarthritis.