Importance of Skin Care

As skin is the largest organ of the body, it acts as a protective barrier between insides of body and the rest of the world. It helps to regulate body temperature and work as a filter. Healthy skin is able to fight the signs of ageing. Therefore, to keep skin healthy its very important to take appropriate care.

Is There Any Link Between Beauty and Skin Care?

Beauty and skin care are closely linked with each other. Starting skin care at a young age will contribute a lot to younger looking skin in future. Skincare does not only involve caring for facial skin, serious skin care must include skin from head to toes. There are a number of cosmetics available for skin care however they contain harmful ingredients as preservatives and fragrance. Preservatives are added to skincare products to exceed the shelf life and inhibit bacterial growth. And some of the added fragrance is the main cause of skin irritants in cosmetics. Thus, there is a great need to choose products that do not result in any harmful effects. Squalene is one such substance that has a number of benefits for skin health and it does not cause any type of adverse side effect.

What Is Squalene and Its Role in Keeping Skin Young?

Squalene is naturally present in human sebum. It has emollient properties which soothe and soften your skin. It provides a layer of oil on the skin which retards water loss and keeps skin supple and soft.

Squalene is a substance that can delay skin ageing and reverse skin damage due to sun exposure without undergoing any expensive treatments from doctors. It protects skin from damage caused by unprotected sun exposure which is the absolute worst thing that affects our skin. According to doctors, 90% of wrinkles, dark spots and sagging skin are the result of unprotected sun exposure.

According to research, squalene has humectant properties which increase the water retention capacity of the skin. Thus, the skin of people using squalene remains moisturized and free from wrinkles and fine lines. Because of all such benefits squalene is used in many cosmetics and skin creams. It has the ability to be used as a co-oil with other ingredients, which makes it useful for a number of skin care products. It is recommended to start using squalene at an early age to prevent all age-related future skin problems.