Many patients with arthritis have a certain type of sleep disturbance. These disturbances can vary from having difficulty in falling or staying asleep to waking up earlier than desired. The pain associated with arthritis prevents you from getting sleep or it wakes you up in the night. The disturbed sleep in the night makes it difficult to cope-up with the next day’s pain. Sleep troubles may not only make pain worse but according to a study, it is found that it can raise depression and disability. A quality sleep will help to improve the pain and manage the condition.

People with rheumatoid arthritis have continuous pain and discomfort. When this pain and discomfort combines with the stress of managing the disorder, it results in sleep problems. Moreover, they have swollen joints, which make it difficult to have a comfortable position to fall asleep. Also, some of the medicines used for the treatment of arthritis can raise the risk of sleep problems. You can talk to your doctor if you feel that particular medicines interfere with your sleep.

The Doctors Advice Certain Tips to Get Quality Sleep Such As:

  • Exercise during daytime so that you feel tired at night.
  • Sleep on a usual schedule.
  • Avoid alcohol or caffeine before going to bed.
  • Switch off the television, computer, and phones at least one hour before going to bed.
  • Avoid napping during daytime
  • Get sufficient natural light as this helps to maintain a healthy sleep-wake cycle

What Can Be Done If an Arthritis Patient Still Suffers from Sleep Disturbances at Night?

If you experience persistent sleep problems even after following the above sleep hygiene tips, you must talk to your doctor. Your doctor may refer you to a specialist who can assess your trouble and advise a suitable treatment plan. A doctor who specializes in treating sleep problems can recommend you certain drugs which have sedative properties such as selected anti-depressants.