The occurrence of obesity has become a plague worldwide. Obesity has negative influences on the complete body, including the reproductive system. The development of obesity in infertile women is more.

Overweight women have greater chances of having menstrual dysfunction and ovulation problem. Obese women have a greater risk of infertility, poor conception rates, miscarriage rates, and pregnancy complications. Therefore, women with obesity have fewer chances of getting pregnant.

In women, obesity can affect fertility by causing hormonal disturbances and ovulation problems. Obesity is linked with polycystic ovary syndrome, which is a common cause of infertility. Woman with PCOS has excess levels of male hormones, an irregular pattern of ovulation, and cysts in her ovaries. Diagnoses at an early stage, a healthy lifestyle and treatment can help to maintain fertility. The most effective way to treat PCOS is by living a healthy life. A healthy woman has more chances of conceiving. Exercising regularly helps women with PCOS in several ways.

Obesity-related Infertility in Men

Men with obesity have lesser circulating testosterone that affects the formation of sperm called as spermatogenesis. Therefore, the sperm count decreases. The ejaculate volume is affected and changed male hormones may also cause erectile dysfunction.

Management of Obesity-related Infertility

Fertility rates can be improved with the help of treatments and lifestyle changes. At first, treatment should continue for obesity. In case the complications still remain then treatment for infertility is needed. Obesity can be managed by choosing healthy eating, regular exercise, or by going for surgeries that remove the abdominal fat.

In males, infertility due to obesity can be reversed, through testosterone therapy, or weight loss. Testosterone therapy helps to treat erectile dysfunction and improve hormone imbalances. On the other side, lifestyle changes such as a low-calorie diet, regular exercise and quitting smoking can help to reduce the body weight.  Otherwise, weight loss surgery can be opted.