Arthritis is a major cause of disability and most common disease, symptoms common in all bone diseases like arthritis and osteoarthritis is an incurable condition that causes the disintegration of the bone cartilage a tough, flexible tissue that is attached to the ends of the bones where they meet to form a joint. When the bone disintegrates the cartilage makes the bones rub against each other causing stiffness, pain and loss of movement in that joint. When a person has arthritis or any other bone disease all types of activity is a torture, it is most painful in the morning as there has been no movement for the hours you slept and by late evening the pain has again reached its most painful zenith. In this condition to clean house, cook, exercise, outings with friends and family and at night to have sex with your partner is a really difficult task. Arthritis pain plus the medications that have to be taken to control the disease and its symptoms can actually lessen your sex drive. Joint inflammation and pain make simple actions like sitting down, standing up, climbing stairs a very big task, so being intimate can seem impossible and definitely not enjoyable. Arthritis and the medications taken are known to have these side effects like stress, depression, anxiety, pain, stiffness in joints, vaginal dryness, low energy, fatigue, issues with self esteem, reduced sensation due to poor blood flow, impotence, reduced sex drive, difficulty achieving orgasm, feeling exhausted, feeling bloated, gaining weight are some of the problems that are faced by the patients. In such a situation what you would really need is a little understanding from your partner, some careful planning to reduce the pain, open-mindedness to try new positions that put less pressure on the joints, communicate with your partner about how you feel, fears, concerns, reasons for your lack of interest are the medications and the disease and not your partner, talk about the challenges you face while being intimate like painful intercourse, inability to reach orgasm, suggest new ways to try and  make things less painful for you. Some ways that may help in making sex easier and fun inspite of arthritis are by planning ahead. Spontaneity in sex does have its plus points, but it can still be satisfying and romantic if you plan ahead for a special night or day. Take your medication way before your time as they need a few hours to kick in and give relief. Take a short nap in the day so you don’t feel tired and low, plan your coitus during the time you feel best, morning, noon or night. Prepare your body with a little heat therapy to make you feel relaxed, dionysiac and not stiff. A hot bath, shower or applying  heating pads to the affected joints will help by warming them up so they move more easily. A massage from your partner can also help your joints move and feel better plus it will help to get you both into the mood too. Certain angles and positions can be painful so adjust your body using pillows or rolled up sheets for support during sex. Mix your positions as previous positions could be painful now try new ones that are easier on your joints, alleviate strain and pressure from the damaged joint and maybe could be even more satisfying. When you have arthritis sex can be all about your attitude, it can be an enjoyable activity that brings you closer to your partner, boosts mood, releases stress, so don’t write it off because of arthritis instead look at it as a fun challenge.