An arthritis flare is an incident of increased activity of arthritis symptoms which can start up suddenly and interrupt your daily routine. Depending on which type of arthritis you may have, flares can be caused by anything like stress, extra activity, change in weather, changes to your medications and sometimes for no reason at all.

To lessen the effect of the arthritis flare and to help with a smooth recovery here are some tips you may like to consider,

  • Rest your body may seem like an obvious advice but is necessary for a complete recovery. The joints need rest from the constant movement and bearing body weight. It will only be for a few days but rest will get you back on your feet quicker than you know.
  • Increasing your pain medications may help during an arthritis flare with the pain. A short term increase in the medication given by your doctor may give you relief from the pain.
  • Medrol dose pack contains corticosteroid medication (methylprednisolone) which is used to control inflammation caused in some types of arthritis.
  • Steroid injection is injected right into the infected joint for quick relief from constant pain. There are limits to this injection use as it can prove to be harmful in the long run.
  • Heating pads and cold packs are very helpful in an arthritis flare as heat lessens the pain in the joint and cold pack gives relief from the inflammation caused by a flare.
  • Immobilize affected joints by putting on a brace or using any support can decrease the weight on the joint and that will lessen the pain. Any type of supportive devices gives relief from pain by giving stability, warmth, and compression.
  • Have an option of quick meals ready in your freezer as a flare can take 2 days to a week or more. It is not possible to cook food when you cannot move much during a flare, so leftovers, ready-made meals or fast food can be helpful.
  • An unpredicted flare can really bring your spirits down and dishearten you from the efforts you have been doing. Be kind to yourself and let your body do some healing and look at the bright side, you could relax with a book, eat some comfort food, listen to your favorite music and spend time with the people you love.
  • Give enough rest and sleep to your body, reduce stress as much as possible and eat foods that arthritis friendly.
  • You should know what your doctor suggests that you should do during a flare, so consult your doctor on a regular basis.