Arthritis patients say their symptoms get worse in winter, humid weather and during the rains, studies show there may be a possibility of some connection with the increase in pain during a change in weather.

It is believed certain atmospheric conditions intensify swelling in the joints like temperature lowering, high humidity, and barometric pressure falling. It is not sure why this happens or if there is any link between them.

Science has conducted many tests and studies on humans for many years now, but they still fail to come up with any conclusive link between the change in weather and its relation to increase in joint pain for arthritis patients.

When it rains or it gets cold we tend to stay indoors more than we usually would and when it is humid you tend to feel lazy or sleepy, this change in our daily activity routine can be a cause for more pain, as inactive joints tend to get more stiff and painful.

Even though science has not been able to prove any connection between the change in weather and increased pain in the joints, flares- ups do happen to a lot of people with joint pain and arthritis in any type of change in the weather conditions. Some patients say they find relief from their arthritis symptoms in a warmer climate but some patients get worse.

It is not the same for everyone, so you should just follow what your body feels comfortable with. What is good for one person may not be good for another. So, listen to your body.