Joints are connections formed between bones to support and help in the movement of our body. If you damage your joints due to an injury or disease, this not only hampers in the movement of that particular joint, but its effects can be seen in the whole body. Joint pain is a very common problem affecting many people of all ages but more prevalent in the older generation. Most common joint pains are shoulder, hip, knee and ankle. Joint pain can fluctuate between mild to crippling pain.

But there is still hope. For the solution might be found in the ocean. Yes!  As new scientific research uncovers the mysteries of the Seas, the New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel (GLM), a shellfish found off the coast of New Zealand seems to contain the therapeutic agents needed to treat one of the most debilitating diseases of our time. Since its discovery in 1974, Green Lipped Mussel Extract (GLME) has now been subjected to more than forty years of quality scientific research and proven in laboratory and clinical trials, to be effective in relieving the symptoms of both rheumatoid and osteo forms of arthritis.

The benefit is relief from pain and improvement in general mobility. This improvement is gradual and progressive and its effect is usually long lasting and not a temporary change. The first thing you will notice is the reduction of pain which is followed by gradual improvement in grip strength, freedom of movement or general mobility and all this without any adverse side effects of drug therapy.

It is important to note that GLME contains a natural content of glycosaminoglycans. This is the name for a group of polysaccharides which includes chondroitin sulphate, dermatan sulphate, hyaluronic acid etc. These glycosaminoglycans are used by the body for the biosynthesis of compounds called proteoglycans. The proteoglycans have a very strong affinity for water molecules in the joints, to which they bind, and form very large, slippery, space filling molecules. The function of these large combination molecules is to act as shock absorbers and also lubricants in the joints. Thereby reducing pain considerably, and that too without any adverse side effects of classical drug therapy. Another valuable feature of the product is that it has been found to have natural gastro-protective properties. This means that, not only does it not damage the delicate stomach lining, it actually provides a protective function for it. Thus the product is able to relieve the inflammatory symptoms associated with arthritic diseases whilst protecting the stomach from the damaging effect of some pain killers should a person need to be taking these at the same time.

We have therefore, in GLME, anti-inflammatory activity which is necessary to relieve the inflammatory component of osteo arthritis coupled with chondroprotective activity which relieves the physical problem of degenerative joint condition ( osteo arthritis ).   

GLME is manufactured by Vitaco Health (NZ) ltd in a multi-million dollar manufacturing facility located in Auckland and is available in India through their Authorised representatives – Perma Healthcare. The cost for this therapy of 1000mg/day comes to approx. Rs 50/- per day for first three months, which can be later reduced to 500 mg/day, i.e. ~Rs 25/- per day.