The product is a shellfish derivative, it may create an allergy reaction in people susceptible to shellfish allergy.  If a person wishes to try the product but suspects that they may be allergic to shellfish, they can just take one capsule per day for a few days and if no allergy reaction occurs, they can then increase gradually up to three capsules. If a person does experience an allergy reaction they should stop using the product and the symptoms will disappear. A reduction of the allergy symptoms can be accelerated by use of a suitable anti-histamine prescribed by a medical practitioner.

In a few cases, there has been a temporary exacerbation of arthritic symptoms shortly after commencing to use the capsules. This condition has only lasted for a few days and has almost always preceded excellent results.

Some people have experienced mild indigestion and flatulence but the likelihood of these can be minimized by making sure that the product is consumed at the start of a meal.

On the positive side, there is one beneficial side effect which has been reported frequently by humans and is very noticeable in animals. This is a significant enhancement of vitality, often described as ‘a feeling of wellbeing’. This could, of course, be simply due to the effect of relief from pain coupled with increased freedom of movement.

Even though GLME is derived from a widely consumed food, the product has been subjected to the standard, international tests for toxicity and also teratogenicity to ensure that it is perfectly safe to consume at many times the recommended usage level without causing toxic effects or adversely influencing a developing foetus in a pregnant person.

GLME is manufactured by Vitaco Health (NZ) ltd in a multi-million dollar manufacturing facility located in Auckland and is available in India through their Authorised representatives – Perma Healthcare. The cost for this therapy of 1000mg/day comes to approx. Rs 50/- per day for first three months, which can be later reduced to 500 mg/day, i.e. ~Rs 25/- per day.