How Do We Know This Is Safe for Consumption?

Considering that this product has been consumed by the local tribes of New Zealand for centuries we know that the product is safe. The side effects which might be experienced by people using GLME are based on the research and clinical human trial reports plus those reported by customers during the 40 years of worldwide usage. These results have been published in over 20 published papers in reputed international scientific journals.

Is There Anything That We Should Beware of since It Is Sea Food?

There are no serious adverse side effects associated with use of GLME. However, because the product is a shellfish derivative, it may create an allergy reaction in people susceptible to shellfish allergy. If a person wishes to try the product but suspects that they may be allergic to shellfish, they can just take one capsule per day for a few days and if no allergy reaction occurs, they can then increase gradually up to three capsules. If a person does experience an allergy reaction they should stop using the product and the symptoms will disappear. A reduction of the allergy symptoms can be accelerated by use of a suitable anti-histamine prescribed by a medical practitioner.

What Proof after All This It Will Still Be Safe to Consume?

Even though GLME is derived from a widely consumed food, the product has been subjected to the standard, international tests for toxicity and also teratogenicity to ensure that it is perfectly safe to consume at many times the recommended usage level without causing toxic effects or adversely influencing a developing foetus in a pregnant person. Toxicity studies at Auckland Hospital were unable to find toxic level of GLME at 200 times the standard dosage.

Things to Remember

  • The product is safe for consumption
  • People with shell fish allergy need to be careful
  • It has been consumed for centuries in New Zealand, it is their staple diet.