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Seatone GLME 500mg Capsules

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Seatone is the 100% extract of Green Lipped Mussel known as GLM, which is an edible shellfish found off the coast of New Zealand. It uses the extract Biolane, from the Green Lipped Mussels, which is the only Green Lipped Mussel extract that is preserved and stabilized. It is a rich source of essential nutrients as mucopolysaccharides, minerals, Omega 3, and proteins. It was discovered in 1974 and there has been more than thirty five years of scientific research on it. After a long research and from the experiences of arthritis patients worldwide Seatone is found to be highly efficient in providing healthy joints. Its joint health benefits are proven in clinical trials and laboratory.

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Seatone has immune modulators, anti-inflammatory agents, and many other therapeutic agents which are known for the maintenance of healthy joints. It is known to provide relief from pain, protecting cartilage, repairing joints, reducing the inflammation and improving general mobility.  It provides permanent and long lasting relief which may be gradual and progressive. It firstly provides the reduction in pain that is followed by the improvement in grip strength, mobility and freedom of movement. It may improve the condition of arthritis patient after 4-8 weeks of its use however in some people in may take up to 3 months.

It is found to be beneficial in both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It aids in the recovery of injuries or surgery to joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Local population of New Zealand uses it as basic food and no unpleasant effects have been reported yet even after its high consumption.

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Size:- 500mg x 60 Caps


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