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Squalin® 1000mg Capsules

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Permalife Squalin® ontains Squalene which is the source of Deep Sea Shark Liver Oil Extract. It is beneficial as an isoprenoid antioxidant for the treatment of Cancer, Heart Disease, Liver & Skin Disease. It also helps in improving skin complexion, skin problems – including psoriasis & dermatitis.

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Squalene is a natural organic compound which is obtained from shark liver oil. It is a low density compound usually stored in the bodies of sharks that lack a swim bladder, thus it reduces their body density with oils and fats. Squalene is stored mostly in the liver of shark and is lighter than the water. It has a specific gravity of 0.855. However Squalene is also obtained from plant sources including amaranth seed, olives, rice bran and wheat germ. Synthetic squalene has been produced from the genetically engineered yeast cells.

Squalene can be consumed in high quantities in case you pay consideration to your diet. It is present naturally in small amounts in our body. Newborn babies have the highest content of Squalene in their body. As we reach the age between 30 and 40 years, the amounts of Squalene in our body reduces strongly.

The deep sea shark disposes of huge concentration of Squalene in their liver. Nowadays Squalene is used in cosmetics and over-the-counter medicines. It is also used as a health supplement for heart health and cancer and is also an additive in certain vaccines.

About 60 percent of dietary Squalene is absorbed in the humans. It is transported in serum usually in connection with very low density lipoproteins and distributed all over in human tissues, with the highest concentration in the skin. It is one of the main constituent of skin surface lipids.

In humans, Squalene can be a helpful addition to increase the effects of certain cholesterol-lowering drugs. Currently the main therapeutic use of Squalene is adjunctive therapy in the treatment of a number of cancers.

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Size:- 1000mg x 60 Caps


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