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  • Omegatone Natural Fish Oil is an excellent source of the omega-3 essential fatty acids - Eicosapentanoic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexanoic Acid (DHA). EPA can help promote the formation of natural anti-inflammatory substances which may benefit skin, heart & joint health.
  • Seatone is the 100% extract of Green Lipped Mussel known as GLM, which is an edible shellfish found off the coast of New Zealand. It uses the extract Biolane, from the Green Lipped Mussels, which is the only Green Lipped Mussel extract that is preserved and stabilized. It is a rich source of essential nutrients as mucopolysaccharides, minerals, Omega 3, and proteins. It was discovered in 1974 and there has been more than thirty five years of scientific research on it. After a long research and from the experiences of arthritis patients worldwide Seatone is found to be highly efficient in providing healthy joints. Its joint health benefits are proven in clinical trials and laboratory.
  • Permalife Squalin® ontains Squalene which is the source of Deep Sea Shark Liver Oil Extract. It is beneficial as an isoprenoid antioxidant for the treatment of Cancer, Heart Disease, Liver & Skin Disease. It also helps in improving skin complexion, skin problems - including psoriasis & dermatitis.

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