Seatone Success Stories

Mrs. Vimlesh Singh

Testimonial of a 74-year-old woman, suffering from Osteo Arthritis whose condition improved after taking Biolane® GLME (Seatone)

My wife Mrs Vimlesh Singh aged 74 years, weight 50 kg, suffering from “OSTEO ARTHRITIS” from year 2002, when I consulted O.A. Specialist, he recommended of knee operation. She was almost bed ridden, & was not able to do her daily routine work. During those days I came across an article in a Times of India publication. I ordered for initial 3 months course. Within the two week of taking the medicine, she got 50% relief , and after a four weeks she started walking , without difficulty.
After 3 months, We went to Shirdi to have a Darshan Sai Baba, by train. My wife who was unable to climb staircase, conveniently climbed New Delhi Rly station’s staircase, with a bag without any difficulty, I was so surprise to see this, that I could not suppress my happiness. Since then my wife has been regularly taking the above medicine & has been doing all the house hold chord as before. We are very happy, that we came across this medicine & sincerely advise all those, who are suffering such illness to go for this medicine, I am sure they will also get relief if they follow & take the medicine as recommended by the manufacturers. My wife has been taking this medicine since July 2006 till today & recovery is 100% and quite Stable.

“God bless Perma healthcare & Biolane® GLM Extract (Seatone)” for having brought out such a wonderful medicine

Date : 1.02.09
Mrs. Vimlesh Singh

Dr. Mayur Jain MD

Sharing Experience of Biolane® GLME & Omegatone

I would like to share my healthy experiences with use of Seatone – Biolane Active GLME and Omegatone in course of my professional carrier for the last 4 years.
As a Consultant Physician and Holistic Lifestyle Therapist, Biolane® GLME (Seatone) is of great help for me in treating variety of Arthritis and Joint complaints of all age groups accounting to patho-physiological wear and tear. So does the Omegatone in treating Dyslipidemia, especially in raising HDL for healthy future.
Biolane® GLME (Seatone) and Omegatone both are very safe and well acceptable to all categories of patient. Both the products compliment by holistic herbal specializations viz. Diabetes, Diabetic Complications, CAD, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, etc.
I believe that these formulas are good for all root level therapies in the above mentioned health conditions and also for prevention-delay of such and more health conditions.
I am personally using both of the above products for my parents by your company for last 1 year with appreciable results.
I wish all of you very warm greetings of health and light.
Thank you for introducing me to these health products at right time.

Date : 16.02.2012
Dr. Mayur Jain MD (H), BHMS, BASM, DNHE, DAFE.
Consultant Physician and Lifestyle Therapist
AAYYUSKAAM – Research Centre – Diabetic Foundation – Holistic Clinic
173, Type 3, JNU Old Campus,
New Delhi – 110067.
M: 9868948315

Dr. Mayur Jain MD

Shares view of tremendous results of Biolane Extract

I have tried Biolane Extract (Seatone GLME) on many patients. Majorly the response was fare to start with. However the results turned tremendous in short duration (3-6 weeks) of use of Biolane GLME.

I shall add the fact, Arthiva has not only being a perfect source to treat Arthritic conditions but also it has been beneficial in gastro protective activity with no toxic or side effects.

Date : 07.05.2012
Dr. (Prof) Ehsaan Ali Farooquee, BHMS (Hons)
Senior Homoeopathic Consultant
National Joint Secretary – Indian Institute of Homoepathic Physicians
e-mail :
Mob: 9811370571, 9999225527

Dr. Mankeshwar States

Biolane Extract Proves to be a blessing for patients

I Dr. Mankeshwar from BANKAJUA, PO-CHORMA, SIWAN, BIHAR, have used Biolane Extract, provided by Perma healthcare to treat arthritic conditions on my patients which are from different regions; to name few like kolkata, Bihar, Orissa, Nasik and Pune.
These patients have tried many other treatments, but they eventually came to me after losing all hope. These patients got successful results by Biolane Extract.
Biolane Extract, proves to be a blessing in such patients life and I could successfully treat their Arthritic conditions.
There are many patients [to name all of them, the list would be long], who were upset, however Biolane GLME brought back the happiness of wellbeing in their lives.

My best wishes to Perma healthcare

Date : 12.03.2012
Dr. Mankeshwar Nath Singh
Village : Bankajua,
PO- Chorma, Siwan,

Mrs. Chitra Narain

This testimonial defines reversal of osteo arthritis and a remarkable improvement of 85% in one year time

Chitra Narian
Former Deputy Director General

I developed arthritis (Osteoarthritis) of the knee early in 2006 and suffered a great deal. I tried all the medicines, supplements and therapies available at the time including ayurvedic treatment and homeopathic.

Since the right knee was more troublesome at that time, I had an arthroscopy of the right knee in the MAX hospital, New Delhi. However the pain continued particularly at night. Finally, in mid 2006, I read about Biolane® GLME (Seatone) and started taking 2 capsules daily as prescribed. Within 3-4 months I felt an improvement by about 20-30%.Gradually this was further improved and within one year I was better by 70%.I reduced the dosage to 1 capsule daily. By the end of 2007 I improved further, I could walk comfortably for approx 30 mins. Today I would say that there is a 85% improvement. I can walk up stairs without help and the pain is very occasionally, especially in the lying position.

All in all, I would say that these last two years have seen a reversal of my arthritis – something only Biolane® GLME (Seatone) has been able to do. I do not take any pain killers and supplements (only homeopathic occasionally)

There are ups and downs depending on weather conditions such as cold or dampness or when I have a viral infection / fever but at my age (74 years) I would say Seatone have helped me remarkably.


Date : 7.02.09
Ms. Chitra Narain
Jangpura Extension
NEW DELHI-110014

Kusum Lata Rana

Testimonial of a 79-year-old woman, suffering from Joint Pains for 16-17 years (SEATONE GLME)

I, Kusum Lata Rana, age around 79 years and weight 45 kgs, have been suffering from joint pains from last 16-17 years. I was experiencing difficulty in mobility and while walking, there was unbearable pain in the knees. In the last 16-17 years, I have tried many known treatments (Allopathic, Ayurveda etc.) but there was no significant comfort. Then one day, I came across an article about “Biolane® GLM Extract (Seatone)” and thought when I have tried so many things, let me try once more with this product also.

In the beginning of the course of the treatment I felt acute pain and in this state of worry, I even thought to discontinue and return the medicine, but the company executives advised me to continue the same as this was a common phenomena and there was nothing to worry. Then I started the treatment again with double the confidence and much to my surprise, from the 2nd month onwards I started feeling the relief in pain. I carried out my X-ray after three months and amazingly, doctors have said that the gap between my bones has started increasing. My right thumb also used to pain, and even there I am feeling quite good relief. Now, I can say confidently that my recovery percentage is around 40%. For such a recovery, I want to thank all the people related with this natural treatment. You are all worthy of my good wishes. Earlier my knees seemed to have become flat, but now my knee cap is visible, maybe due to the re-growth of cartilage.

Date : 13.09.07
Kusum Lata Rana
Karol Bagh, Delhi

Mrs. Uttara Devi

A lady from New Delhi indicates the joy and relief from simply being able to lead a normal life without constant pain.

I began Osteo Arthritis about 2 and a half years back in my knees, The pain became extremely unbearable around 2007 June. It was painful to walk, climbstairs and even sleep. I was unable to cross my legs without pain.

I went to many orthopedic doctors who advised me that I had no option but knee replacement. The finally Dr. kohli (Geetanjali Hospital) Suggested trying physiotherapy with Dr. Natrajan. All along people recommended various cures. I saw advertisements for Biolane® GLM Extract (Seatone) in magazines and news papers and debated over it . finally my son convinced me to try it as he had seen the advertisement in a health magazine.

I have been using Biolane® GLM Extract (Seatone) March 2008 along with physiotherapy . I am off daily painkillers, am able to walk, cross my legs and even climb stairs without discomfort . I no longer have swelling or stiffness and feel that my recovery is atleast 75% – 80%. Most important, there is no question of surgery

Thankyou Seatone !
Yours Sincerely

Date : 10.02.2009
Mrs. Uttara Devi
New Delhi-110017

Subhash Chander Miglani

Testimonial of a 63 year old men suffered from Osteo-Arthritis

I Subhash Chander Miglani, At 63 years, both my knees and movement were badly affected. I showed my knees at Delhi and Ghaziabad hospitals for treatment but I did not get any relief. In the mean time, one of my friends gave Biolane® GLM Extract (Seatone) to me. After consuming these GLM capsules for one and half months, I felt less pain in my knees and there was improvement in movement too. I have taken Biolane® GLM Extract (Seatone) for last six months and now I am feeling 60%-70% better. Though I don’t need to take Biolane® GLM Extract (Seatone) anymore, but I take one capsule daily as a precautionary measure.

I can now complete my routine business & personal work comfortably. I am thankful to Biolane® GLM Extract (Seatone) and Perma Healthcare family.

Date : 28.01.2009
Mr. Subhash Chander Miglani
Uttar Pradesh

Maya Sharma

Suffering From Knee Joint Pain Since 5 Years.

I, Maya Sharma I had been suffering from knee joint pain since 5 years. Before taking Biolane® GLME (Seatone) I was suffering from so much of Pain and even I was not able to walk properly. I have been taking Biolane® GLME (Seatone) for six months and I am getting very much relief. Now I can walk properly. Earlier I had used Amway course also. but I could not find any Benefit.
I think Biolane® GLME (Seatone) is very effective and I am giving thanks to Biolane® GLME (Seatone).

Date : 23.01.2009
Mrs. Maya Sharma

Sujoy Das Gupta

A 55 years old advised for knee replacement

I Sujoy Das Gupta age 55 years suffering from Osteo Arthritis since 2005. My life was crippled with knee pain. My entire mobility was restricted. Doctor’s advised me for knee replacement. I lost all my hope. One day I came across “Biolane® GLM Extract (Seatone)”, I started taking two capsules per day. Slowly & gradually I found knee pain was gone, much of mobility is also gained.

With Seatone I enjoy my life

Mr. Sujoy Das Gupta
Date : 11.02.2012

Mr. Tridip Mahato

After Knee Knee injury; Doctor suggested operation

In the year 1995, I got Knee inhury during football play, Doctor suggested for operation. Due to my financial conditions, I could not undergo knee operation. I got injury deep in my knee, could not even walk.
One day I came accross Seatone advertisment. Now, I am OK after using Seatone regularly. At this age I even play football with youngs which I never thought of.

Mr. Tridip Mahato
Age 51 years old
Date : 26.07.2013

Mr. Subhash Chandra Das

Patient suffered from Pain, Stiffness and restricted mobility

My self Subhash Chandra Das, suffering from osteo arthritis for last – 5 years my life was crippled because of pain, stiffness and restricted mobility. My both limbs and other small joints were affected. After continuing “Biolane® GLM Extract (Seatone Capsules)”, I can confirm that I enjoy 75% relief without any adverse side effects.

Mr. Subhash Chandra Das
Age 53 year old
Date : 21.02.2012

Mr. Soumen Sen

Patient suffering from osteo arthritis on the both Knee

My self Soumen Sen, Age 61 was suffering from OA of both the knee. One day i came across advertisement of Seatone with local Newspaper. Intially mi was thinking, Seatone to be like anyother OA product. However after continuing Seatone (GLME) for last 8 months, i got excellent results like decrease in pain, increased mobilty etc.
I thanks Perma Healthcare for introducing Seatone to me.

Mr. Soumen Sen
Age 61 year old
Date : 31.8.2012


Testimonial of a 38 year old lady suffering from Osteo-Arthritic pain

I Mrs. SUDHA KARDAM 38 years, weight. 66kg. In year 2006 I suffered from fever and got pain in knee and shoulder joint. I have taken treatment by Dr. Anil Tomar from from Jeevan Anmol Hospital Mayur Vihar Phase I , Pkt IV Delhi.

In report mention was osteo-Arthritis. My husband, Mr. BIJAI KARDAM searched Biolane® GLM Extract (Seatone) medicine from google. I have started this supplement from last 3 years regularly. I got approximate 90 to 95% recovery. Now I am taking 1 capsule daily. My recovery is stable and I am perfectly alright. So, I am very thankful to Perma Health care Providing such A-one medicine that is like a living in a new lifestyle

Ms. Sudha Kardam
Mayur Vihar
Phase-I, DELHI

Mrs. Annu Menon

Patient suffering from arthritic pain and stiff knees

This is to say that I have already bought two bottles of “Biolane® GLM Extract (Seatone)” for my arthritic problem. My knee was so stiff that I could not bend it. Walking was difficult. Only by attending to the exercises at the Gym I was able to walk a little.
It was at that time that I saw an advertisement of “Biolane® GLM Extract (Seatone)”. It has already helped me to bend my knee and walk better. The pain has subsided to a great extent.
I am planning to use it for some more months. I am convinced that continuous use can bring about further improvement.

Date : 10.07.2006
Mrs. Annu Menon
Mayur Vihar Phase I,
Delhi – 110091

A lady from Italy

A lady from Italy indicates the joy and relief from simply being able to lead a normal life without constant pain.

“I begin to feel like an agent in Rome as so many people have remarked on my wonderful improvement and want to try the mussel extract themselves that I am constantly getting for someone.

I count myself one of the very lucky ones -not only am I restored to mobility, I am free of constant pain that was really almost intolerable. I was taking painkilling drugs three times per day to alleviate the distress but since I finished my first course of mussel extract, I have not needed them. I have been able to get in and out of a chair without help, and have even tried knitting again.

I took a second course, following on the first bottle and now need the courage to stop taking them for a time to judge the long-term effects. The results for me are incredible and almost unbelievable. The best part is that I do not need any drugs whatever now. I have really gone quite mad and am doing all sorts of things, which have been impossible for sometime. Though I have to admit to being tired and full of aches I still do not have that terrible pain. There is a huge difference in aches and real pain. I only hope that other people will benefit as I have done. I am truly grateful and tell anyone who wants to listen to me just what happened”.

Excerpts from the book “The New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel” written By Dr. John E. Croft

John Croft is a marine scientist currently researching the nutritional and therapeutic properties of substances derived from the sea – in particular those of the extract from the extraordinary green lipped mussel. The author wishes it to be understood that the information in his book relates only to the New Zealand mussel extract which has been the subject of all published research. No responsibility is accepted for any imitation products which may be claimed to be the same material.

Acknowledgement: Biolane® Green Lipped Mussel Extract from Healtheries of New Zealand.

A lady from Christchurch

A lady from Christchurch, New Zealand ceased taking the mussel extract which lead to the reoccurrence of her symptoms.

However, the symptoms disappeared when she restarted the mussel extract. This suggests that her condition was responding to the product.

“I thought I would pen to paper and let you know that I have been taking the mussel extract now for approximately 9 years. At first I started taking it for my arthritis, which was at that time affecting my hips and found complete relief. However, I also have dermatitis or eczema very bad since birth and many years had to be wrapped in bandages

As I grew older my skin always looked red and chapped, so on taking the mussel extract I found my skin became not so bad or dry looking. I found this out after taking 2 bottles and then, not having any arthritis pain, stopped taking the capsules and after about a month my skin became red and itchy again. So now although I get arthritis at times in various parts I take it all the time mainly for my skin.

I thought I would write and tell you. It might benefit someone else”.

Excerpts from the book “The New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel” written By Dr. John E. Croft

John Croft is a marine scientist currently researching the nutritional and therapeutic properties of substances derived from the sea – in particular those of the extract from the extraordinary green lipped mussel. The author wishes it to be understood that the information in his book relates only to the New Zealand mussel extract which has been the subject of all published research. No responsibility is accepted for any imitation products which may be claimed to be the same material.

Acknowledgement: Biolane® Green Lipped Mussel Extract from Healtheries of New Zealand.