Dry skin is a common condition which we all suffer at sometimes may be due to weather or any other reasons as poor diet. Dry skin looks rough and flaky and the risk of wrinkles for dry skin is quite high. Dry skin can result in a damaged barrier function, increasing long-term inflammation and sensitivity. It finally causes biochemical reactions as collagen breakdown. It can be very unpleasant especially for the women, as all women love to have smooth and supple skin.

Therefore it is very important for women to keep their skin moisturized to avoid early ageing and wrinkles by using moisturizing agents. There are a number of substances which are helpful in moisturizing the skin but the most beneficial for your skin is Squalene because it natural and does not carry any side effects along with it.

Squalene is naturally found in skin. Nearly 10% of the skin surface is formed of squalene. It helps to keep skin healthy in many ways. Moisture maintenance is among the major functions of squalene for skin health. It provides a protective layer to the skin which prevents loss of moisture. According to a research, squalene consumption gives protection to the skin. It also keeps skin healthy and prevents wrinkles. The unsaturated fatty acids present in squalene control the moisture of the skin. The skin which is moisturized never suffers dryness, dullness; flaking, scaling, peeling, cracking, and sagging and bagging that can cause premature ageing. Thus, squalene intake can help to keep skin moisturized and supple even in old age.