What is Squalin (99% Pure Squalene)?

Permalife Squalin® is the excellent source of 99% pure Squalene, which is extracted from the deep sea sharks. Its prolonged use has been found safe as this natural compound is found in our bodies and also found in nature, mostly in plant sources including amaranth seed, olives, rice bran and wheat germ. It can be consumed at high levels through the diet alone, although supplementation can also help.

Healthy as well as imbalance of our body has its origin on the cellular level. The healthier our cells are, the healthier we are. The source of Squalin is essential substance from the very beginning of life. It can be explained by the presence of high concentration of Squalene in newborn babies, responsible for their soft skin, and such babies need to strengthen the immune system in no time after birth. The body of babies and pre-schoolers show the highest levels of Squalene. This fact explains the energetic behaviour and the vivid eyes of young and healthy children. Another fact is, starting with an age of 25 the Squalene level in our body drops significantly. Therefore it is not surprising that round an age of 30 the sports performances of most humans decline. Squalin being 99% pure Squalene can intercept this lack of energy and improve the power output and help protect us from several health ailments.

Squalin acts as a strong antioxidant that helps our cells to avoid oxidative stress and prevents lipid peroxidation. It acts as an immune booster and has the ability to protect cellular structures and improve cellular repair response. It has a crucial role in the moisture regulation of the skin and transportation of the oxygen to and from the skin. It also has positive effects in the management of dermatitis and skin cancer. It regulates the rate of synthesis of HMG Co-A reductase enzyme. It also shows anticancer and cholesterol-lowering benefits.